Monday, November 17, 2014

Who gets us? Our friends, Zack and Ike.

Something I've heard over and over again is that Eve becomes dumb (mute) after The Fall. This is how it's presented in the temple, and it hurts a lot of feelings.

As you know from earlier posts, I've been working away at understanding the temple better and I've discovered hidden uplifting messages about women there. I have also uncovered 5-6 females who make an appearance, at least symbolically, in the endowment. Through these experiences, I've come to understand that certain stories in the Bible are of key importance to both appreciate the endowment in its entirety and to understand the untold role of women. Today I'd like to touch upon one such story: Elisabeth's naming of John the Baptist. 

In this story there's an interesting setup here that parallels Eve losing her voice, as it were. Zacharias becomes mute until his righteous spouse passes the test of standing up for what is true and correct. Elisabeth gives the name appointed by Heaven and from this they are both blessed with the spirit of revelation.

In a not-so-literal sense, the same things happens to Isaac. He has no voice in blessing Jacob because Rebecca has taken charge in this matter. She knows her son's destiny and directs it so that he ultimately receives a new name: Israel. Like Zacharias, Isaac confirms his wife's decision when he states that Jacob will remain blessed (Gen 27:37).

What I like about these examples is that even though one person is temporarily silent, they go on to do great and marvelous things together with their spouse. That part isn't shown in the presentation of the endowment, but it's acted out when all (i.e. male and female) gather together in the celestial room.

All of this excites me and gives me hope, perhaps it will do the same for you?

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