Monday, May 25, 2015

The Way Men and Women See Things

I'm convinced, people.

As to spiritual matters, men start out like this:

And women like this:

It was her ability to appreciate nuance and see a broader picture that led Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Having transgressed the law she needs a savior just as much as Adam and thus enters the world that was created as an extensive testing ground for him (not her).  Moreover, since she was the first to eat the fruit, she must acknowledge that the male vision of things, while limited, does have its strengths. It is high contrast, separating right from wrong, truth and falsehood. (Adam acknowledged the wisdom of Eve's vision when he hearkened onto her and ate the forbidden fruit.)

As Eve and her daughters have already proven themselves faithful and true, the Church is setup as an apprenticeship for men to become like Heavenly Father. It is dominated by the male viewpoint, and it is only by deep reflection and spiritual gifting that the two lenses can overlap. 

From my observation, it is easier to go from a full spectrum to seeing things in black and white than the other way around. This difference is most pronounced when men and women describe their insights from the temple endowment (she looks at it from both perspectives and more often he doesn't, see also Moses 5:10-11.) 

As a woman, I'm glad to have started with the full spectrum of color. But like so many of my sisters, I get easily frustrated with this mortal setup. To understand that, imagine trying to explain color to someone who is colorblind, who can only tell light from dark. Then imagine the colorblind person dismissing your perspective as nonsense, which so often happens. Now think what it would be like to be led by that person throughout your time upon this complex earth, with its chromatic signs pointing the way.

Christ is, of course, the light of the world. Pure, white light actually contains all of the colors. I believe this reflects how only through Him can a man and woman truly be reconciled. 

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