Monday, June 12, 2017

Gaining Knowledge

The tokens and signs of life

I have devised in my mind a new and expansive way of looking at how we obtain knowledge and I want to get my thoughts down here. It centers on our earthly experience being like a large puzzle, where...

  • Token = Starting puzzle piece
  • Sign = Complementary piece
  • Holy Ghost = The glue that binds and seals the pieces together

The puzzle is MUCH easier to complete with the whole picture

  • Prophecy = Knowing which piece(s) fit together, able to envision a large section of the puzzle
  • Seership = Being able to see the puzzle box, which has the entire design on display. (This is the greatest gift.)

Other applications for this analogy:
  • Faith = Holding on to the token and looking for the sign 
  • Hope = Knowing that the shapeless glob in front of you will work out into something grand
  • Charity = Patience to continue piecing the puzzle together, with love and dedication

This probably seems very simplistic, even juvenile, but I feel that this elucidates many great and profound principles we don't often speak about at church on Sundays. 

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