Thursday, October 29, 2015

What Church Is and Isn't For

Church is NOT for:
Dating advice
Pushing a reproductive agenda
Overemphasis on marriage, focusing on it too early (i.e. Primary), promoting quick courtships and premature commitment
Career advice if limiting
History reinterpretation, especially re: Native Americans, Africans and their descendants, immigrants, and The Holocaust
Reinforcing uninspired gender roles and stereotypes.
Criticism of non-traditional families
Political discussion
Blind obedience
College advice if limiting
Putting down other religions
Sex advice and inaccurate sex-education
Focusing on material wealth (i.e. as blessings)
Teaching divine favoritism
Leadership adoration, especially when this takes time away from worshipping Christ
Speculations, extrapolations and careless handling of Church-sanctioned acts/policies that have injured and currently pain certain demographic groups, this includes polygamy. (An honest historical account is acceptable.)
Questioning worthiness outside of bishop's jurisdiction
Dismissing faith crises in church members as pride
Promoting or defending hate speech
Mitigating mental illness, deterring people from seeking professional and medical help for this
Suggesting "curative" steps for homosexuality
Defending abuse of any kind, be it verbal, physical, sexual, financial

Church IS for: 

1) Loving and praying to God the Father and worshipping Jesus Christ 
2) Becoming one heart, one mind
2) Performing service 

1) Partaking of the sacrament to draw closer to Christ
2) Encouraging others to seek temple covenants, which bind families together

Gender specific:
1) Teaching men to honor the priesthood with humility 
2) Establishing and honing a woman's ministry; sustaining the Relief Society

Sex and health:
1) Forming positive attitudes about our sacred bodies
2) Encouraging both the dos and don'ts of the Word of Wisdom

As pertaining to the temporal:
1) Seeking first the kingdom of God
2) Making sure the basic needs of our brothers and sister are met

1) Teaching the pure Gospel
2) An honest, but sensitive account of Church history 
3) Preparing members to serve missions and go to the temple

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